Minerva Protection & Risk Solutions is a physical protection and risk consulting firm that provides organizations and individuals with security services to protect their facilities, staff, and critical assets. We specialize in helping clients assess their risks, identify threats and security vulnerabilities, create a security plan and protocols to handle their unique risks, and then provide them with protection staff to implement the security plan on either a long-term or short-term basis. We provide protection to corporate clients, non-profit organizations, religious sites, special events, hotels, and individuals.

What Sets Us Apart:


Access To Management

Our clients have a direct line to the company’s managing partners at all times because we believe that open and expedited communication is a key component in establishing effective protection.

We Hire Veterans

We focus on recruiting and working with veterans for their proven skills, professionalism, confidence, and dedication. To facilitate this effort we work with government agencies and non-profit organizations that conduct veteran outreach and job placement.

Customized Strategies

We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to protection. We listen to clients’ concerns, acquire an understanding of their goals, devise plans and protocols to meet their needs, and refine our strategy through client feedback.

Professional Appearance

Our staff’s standard of dress for all on-site operations is their own dark suit and formal business attire. This instills confidence into our staff and enables them to command authority. It also reflects your commitment to professionalism and your investment in a more refined and serious service.